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I believe we only have one purpose in life; to live authentically.  Are you living in line with your passions or are you finding yourself stressed, overwhelmed and unsatisfied?

If you're anything like me, its been a journey.  Sometimes it takes the struggles to appreciate the good times.  It takes failing to learn and be able to move forward.

It is time to stop being stressed, stop being frustrated with not being where you think you should be and stop feeling like this is all there is to life.  You do not have to accept the feeling of "just getting by" day to day.  It's time to start waking up each morning energized and ready to tackle the day.  Finally, feel what it means to THRIVE!

I invite you to join me for a deeper dive into your internal health & beauty by clicking below.

My story of hope
& healing

I would have classified myself as a 'silent sufferer'.  I was constantly exhausted, struggled with digestion issues, overcome with anxiety and never felt like I was 'happy'.  I grew up not knowing any different and believed what I was going through was 'normal'. 

On the outside I appeared happy, positive, and always smiling. But if you have ever struggled with mood/anxiety you know that it's a front.  Putting on a happy face works only up to a point, and in the end, it's very exhausting and it doesn't last.  It's just a matter of time before you unravel.
Can you relate to any of this??

I grew up playing sports and continued to be active even after college.  Physicals and labs always came back great and I appeared healthy.  But I knew something was off.   I constantly was researching looking for a solution to help me.  I just didn't know what it was yet.

I did the elimination diets, discovered food sensitivities, even made green smoothies.  I incorporated superfoods into my meals.  I prepped all my meals on Sunday (which took hours), did every workout imaginable- and yet struggled with weight, struggled with terrible hormone cycles and even multiple ER visits.  Again- doctors couldn't figure out what the issue was- I appeared "healthy."

Then one day on facebook, I saw a post by a friend from college.  She had celebrated her 35th birthday year with 35 races.  W.H.A.T!?!?  I had to reach out to her to see what she was doing.  I craved just a bit of that energy she had.  I was so impressed she could accomplish such a win.

I discovered the importance of getting to the root cause.  Gut health.  Inflammation.  Controlling your blood sugar.  You can't workout hard enough and can't eat healthy enough to make up for a system that is unbalanced and unhealthy.  

I didn't realize all the areas that were being affected by poor gut health.  I not only got that pep back in my step, I also now get the best night sleep I've ever had, I no longer struggle with my anxiety attacks.  My cycles are controlled and actually no more cramps! (hallelujah!) Added bonus, it's been the most simple, unintentional weight loss I've experienced.  By healing my gut, I've now lost 35 lbs!

Say goodbye to inflammation.  Say goodbye to my digestion issues and being sick after every meal. .  Say hello to the best me possible.

It is my passion to spread health and happiness to you.  Through my coaching series it is my hope that I empower and inspire you to refocus, reset intention and provide you with the tools you need in order to cultivate a life that before, you only dared to dream of!

I know, as women, we wear many, many hats.  We often put everyone else first and do whatever we can to make sure our family, our friends, heck, even our co-workers' needs are met.  Even if it means we sacrifice our own needs in order to make it happen.  No longer will this be your story.  I want you to know you do not have to wake up and dread each day.  It is not normal to feel exhausted all the time.  It is not normal to be working so hard for someone else's dream.  And it certainly is not normal for you to keep believing you can't do it, or it just isn't meant to be, DO NOT SETTLE with (insert your story here).

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